Image courtesy of a fantastic friend and woman - she can't believe this image is her!

Let me take you back, way back, maybe 4 years ago when I first started photography.  I went on a ‘Groupon day’, we’ve all seen them… come and take pics of models (in clothes!), a balloon pop and light painting…. all above board BUT while I was there, the guy that ran the workshop came over and showed me images from his ‘alternative’ workshops – my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head! Naked women! I am one of the most liberated women, but the thought of taking images of people naked? 

Little did I know that 4 years on, that little seed that was sown would manifest into one of my DREAMS!

Coupled with my therapy business that I also run (I know! pretty unique right?), how beautiful is it to be with somebody, female or male, to have them feel pampered and give them love and support, a safe environment with beautiful accessories to make them feel gorgeous – and to then give them beautiful images.

The emphasis on these shoots is about having FUN! Letting your hair down, and having a catalogue of images that you can treasure with your partner! They’re great for gifts, wedding morning gifts (Brides! Get in contact!) and ‘just because’… because life is too short not to live it.

Be brave, be bold, have the guts… it’s not anything other than a wonderful journey of self-discovery and loveliness!  You’re not posed to the ‘nth degree, this is a shoot to allow us to work together to make sure you feel supported and guided but whist having fun!  We work from lingerie to implied nude (you know…. sexily draped in material 🙂 a hint enough for you and whoever you share them with to know you were indeed nude) or if that’s really too much, then as much as you dare 

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