All of my package prices include a pre-wedding shoot, and I pretty much insist this happens with all my couples, unless there is a very good reason why we physically can’t squeeze this in.

I have been meaning to blog on this for sometime, and with my season now upon me, it’s important to sit back and reflect on who I am as a photographer – not just my imagery but how important it is that I continue to work with my couples in the manner that I do.

Many people know me as a photographer and may not know that I’m also a therapist.  I am a Hypnotherapist, I practice Neuro-Lingusitic Programming and also offer Life and Business Coaching.  Now many photographers will roll their eyes – this hasn’t been written for them of course.

I use all my therapy skills in my pre-wedding shoots; starting with a quick catch up so I can hear all your super exciting news about your big day! I want to know everything – a run through your day timing wise where I can help if I need to.  I love hearing about your dress(es) or your suit(s) and am very diplomatic about how I go about that.  Most importantly, I’m starting to become part of your day.  I’m taking you on a journey and becoming part of your team.

Imagine how powerful it is for you to imagine your day in advance; in full technicolour. 

“A team” I hear the photographers cry! Yep, a team.

You two wonderful beautiful people become the most precious people in my life for a whole awake day of my life.  That’s right – from the moment I wake up, until I fall asleep at my computer screen while uploading your images, on your wedding day you are the most precious people on earth.  I think of nothing else – I give you everything.

I do that to ensure I’ve given you the best service on your day possible – I go all out to make sure you’re happy – I become the entertainment… no boring group shots here! I have, at every single wedding, have guests come and tell me how great I’ve been getting everybody organised and how I’m cracking jokes the whole time.

BUT the most important thing? Is that I protect your time together on your day.  If I can, I will make sure you have time to spend just 10 minutes together alone.  Just to look at each other and really connect.  Ideally after our time together shooting your romantics, I’ll be making sure this happens.

Now all of my work with you as a couple happens during the pre-wedding shoot.  Why? Because this is time we can just rock back, have fun, get to know each other.  We talk about any insecurities, I look at your energy as a couple… and I work with the magic (of course it’s not magic but what I’m capturing is OUR magic).

You’ll get to see me laying on the ground… you’ll come to trust my magic skills because I show you and coach you through posing in the most fun upbeat manner; even the most camera-shy come away with not only beautiful heart-felt imagery but saying they’ve had a riot! 

We all know this hasn’t been magic, but it happens so naturally, it may as well have been.  I reconnect you as a couple.  I hold space for you to be connected and close together – I help you understand that it’s ok to be close, be intimate and allow that to happen with me in that trusted circle.

When we have that – we have the magic.

James summed this up in his thank you to me after this shoot… “… though the stress of getting a wedding together can easily com between a couple, but Tanya and her magic tonight, through her ways of love and kindness and pure happiness helped bring that spark right back between us and we shall be forever grateful for her time.  She’s an amazing woman who’s work is just unbelievable, so good, and her energy really does make you feel so special.  Just couldn’t wish for a better photographer/amazing woman to be joining us in sharing our big special day – cannot wait for the wedding now!!!”.

If you have booked your wedding with me, you have this to look forward to.  

If you’re booking a wedding, have a look at my packages and be confident you’re booking not only a photographer with beautiful imagery, but so so much more… 

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